What to Expect

Each assessment is tailored to the individual and the cost and time necessary to complete an assessment will vary. All assessments include an initial session, testing, and a feedback session.

Your initial session will be for approximately one hour and focus on gathering necessary background information and identifying the specific needs for your assessment. You may be asked to provide copies of medical or educational records or other collateral information that will assist us in completing your assessment.

On the days of your assessment, please come prepared. Get a good night’s rest and be sure to eat before coming in. Don’t forget reading glasses if you need them! No studying or practice is necessary. We will take breaks; however, some parts of the assessment cannot be interrupted. More detailed assessments may occur over the course of two or more sessions. Tests included in your assessment may include paper-and-pencil tests, computerized tests, and brief activities that will help provide answers to the referral question. The tests included in your assessment are backed by research and can only be administered by a licensed clinician. These are not the types of tests you find online that say they can determine your intelligence or personality characteristics.

After your assessment is complete, we will schedule a follow-up session to review the results. During this session, you have the opportunity to ask questions related to the assessment. You will be provided with a written report including recommendations as well. If you were referred by your doctor, therapist, or attorney, they will also be provided with a report. If, at any time after the assessment, you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. Most questions can be answered in a short phone call or email; however, if more detailed answers are needed, we will schedule another appointment and a fee will apply.